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Blister Prevention University

The Podiatrist’s Ultimate
Blister Prevention Hub

Elevate your clinical expertise in blister management to provide exceptional care for your patients.

By educating them on effective blister prevention strategies, you will not only enhance your professional reputation and boost profits, but also empower your patients to lead a healthier lifestyle and enable them to participate in their favourite activities with confidence.

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Quality Educational Content

We've personally enrolled in this course & can attest to the high-quality of the information provided.

If you are a clinician who regularly sees patients in the clinic seeking advice for managing & preventing blisters, this is the course for you!

This course is an external course & has been written by Rebecca Rushton aka The Blister Pod.
It is not P3 original content - purchasing the course through this link helps support the P3 Platform
(at no extra cost to you)

Fasciitis Fighter

#1 Heel Pain Physical Therapy Tool

Improve your plantar fasciopathy rehab outcomes!

The Fasciitis Fighter is easy to use, versatile, portable and great value for money. 

Removing any little barrier we can to a client engaging in, and adhering to our exercise programs can make a HUGE difference and help them achieve their goals. 

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The Rehab Lab

Exercise Prescription Software

Simple, easy to use exercise prescription software.

Follow the link below to find out about P3's exclusive obligation-free trial.

If you like The Rehab Lab as much as we do, save 33% off your initial subscription when you sign up. 

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