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GFM: Gait | Footwear | Movement

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Running Load Assessment & Programming
Musculoskeletal Injury & Pathology Management

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Online Courses

Plantar Fasciopathy
Rehabilitation Masterclass

From older clients to active runners.
Get your clients from pathology to performance

Orthoses - Footwear - Exercise Therapies - Load Management

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Online Course Bundle

to two industry-leading
online courses

Exercise Therapies in Podiatric Practice (Pro)
Plantar Fasciopathy Rehabilitation Masterclass

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Exercise Therapies
in Podiatric Practice

Learn WHAT to load, WHEN to load & HOW to load

Plantar Fasciopathy - Achilles Tendinopathy - PTTD
Ankle Sprains - Bone Stress Injuries
Muscle Strains - Foot & Ankle OA

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Register Your Interest for Functional Assessment & Therapeutic Movement for Older Adults

Designed for clinicians who treat older adults, whether for general care or musculoskeletal pathologies. 
This course is designed to improve your understanding of the age-related changes we experience as we age and how to develop proactive approaches to helping your clients live & age well.

This course will teach you how to;

Identify early signs of frailty & falls risks.

Assess & address functional deficits in our older clients.

How to formulate simple, safe exercise programs.

How to refer for early intervention.

Improve the clinical services you provide.

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Practical Programming - Live 1 Day Workshop

Join the Progressive Podiatry Project for a highly practical, clinically relevant workshop, giving you an in-depth understanding of functional assessments, exercise prescription & functional restoration for your clients suffering foot arthritis, Achilles tendinopathy & stage I & II PTTD

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Plantar Fasciopathy Rehabilitation Masterclass

Join the Progressive Podiatry Project for a highly practical, clinically relevant workshop, giving you an in-depth understanding of managing Plantar Fasciopathy 
via orthomechanical, footwear & exercise therapies.

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