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previously known as Athletic Footwear for Health Professionals

in early 2024 the subscription re-branded to Gait | Footwear | Movement to more accurately reflect the scope of educational content provided within this CPD subscription.

P3 provides endorsed CPD activities & is an education partner of SEPA

Stay at the forefront of;


Gait & Biomechanics

Running Load Assessment & Programming

Musculoskeletal Injury & Pathology Management

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From pathology management to improving performance...
GFM is going to improve your knowledge, improve your skillset & improve your outcomes.

The Progressive Podiatry Project is partnering with industry leaders to help clinicians stay at the forefront of footwear, all with the goal of helping you help your clients.

Monthly high-quality, low-cost CPD

Gait Analysis & Biomechanics

Injury Assessment & Management

Load Management & Rehabilitation

Running Shoes | Performance Shoes | Trail Shoes | Footy Boots

We don't just focus on footwear, we explore many of the common lower extremity musculoskeletal pathologies seen in clinical practice and the role footwear, biomechanics, load exposure, load modification can play in their management and recovery.

!! This is a game-changer for your clinical practice !!

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Educational Webinars 

Literature Breakdowns

TLDR Research Summaries

Footwear Release Updates

Footwear Virtual In-Services

Footwear Tech Updates

Clinical Resources

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Educational Webinars 

Literature Breakdowns

TLDR Research Summaries

Footwear Release Updates

Footwear Virtual In-Services

Footwear Tech Updates

Clinical Resources

1 Subscription = 1 User Licence

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Each month you'll learn from our 3 education pillars - the essentials to excel in clinical practice

Literature & Evidence

Clinical & Retail

Injury & Performance

What's Included

Monthly Webinars
Learn from Industry Experts

- Webinar lectures, case studies, panel discussions.
- All aspects of lower limb MSK
- Assessment, diagnosis, management.

Monthly Literature Breakdowns
Category IV CPD

- Clinically-relevant, contemporary research.
- Guided journal review & reflective practice activities. 
- Easy to understand & saves you time.

Footwear Virtual In-Services
Hear from Retail & Technical Experts

- Keep up-to-date with evolving footwear tech from your favourite brands. 
- Link clinical to retail. 
- Improve your footwear recommendations.

Monthly Footwear Release Updates
Stay at the Forefront of Footwear

- Road running
- Trail running
- Super shoes

TLDR Research Round-Up Summaries
Sourced, Summarised, Saved & Searchable

- Now live!
- Integrated community & chat thread to discuss all the latest evidence. 
- Recently released papers, covering all aspects of lower limb MSK. 

Clinical Resources
Developed to Integrate Your Online Education

- Resources are designed to compliment webinar & literature content. 
- Easily integrate new evidence into your clinical practice.
- Designed to save you time.

 Gait | Footwear | Movement (GFM) delivers content that is easy to understand, clinically relevant to your daily practice, and will allow you to stay at the forefront of musculoskeletal injury management, gait & biomechanics, and footwear with only a small time investment each month.

for less than the cost of a cup of coffee each week!

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What Our Subscribers Are Saying

"My life has been made much easier now having a one stop portal where someone has done the hard yards in bringing the latest and greatest in footwear direct to me.

Fast evolving footwear changes have always been an area I have struggled to keep up to date with. 

There is so much info to digest in the AFHP portal, but I know the Tech updates and New and NoteWorthy are going to be a valuable asset to my clinical practice"

Ruth, Podiatrist

Thanks Talysha for creating AFHP, I'm working my way through the content, of course being super impatient I jumped straight to the clinical resources and the new releases in Running footwear.

A little bit to see if I need to update my shoe choice, and also to keep updated on what's new on the market.

So awesome to see it here in my inbox rather than bothering my local retailers all the time!
Looking forward to see more content as the month goes on.

Natalie, Podiatrist

"I am really excited about what Talysha, P3 & The Running Company have done in creating a forum for health professionals in the ever-changing world or footwear.

The layout of the program and all the quick links make it extremely user friendly and you can manage your time and which resources you have already viewed as well as keeping track of all the current updates on literature and running shoe releases."

Michael, Podiatrist

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